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Wheelchair Karate Team
to participate in

The IWKF team is currently in training for the
Wheelchair Karate Section
of the 2004 European Karate Championships to be held in this years hosting country - Cyprus >> READ MORE


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Welcome to the official website of the Irish Wheelchair Karate Federation, a development of the International Japan Karate Association (IJKA).

IJKA Ireland promotes a policy of inclusion towards all people wishing to practice martial art.

The Irish Wheelchair Karate Federation (IWKF) does not only allow people with physical disabilities to defend themselves but also gives students the opportunity to be included in an International Martial Arts Organisation. >> READ MORE

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Sensei Brian Toomey (5th Dan)
Irish Chief Instructor - demonstrating Wheelchair Karate with
Sensei David O'Donovan (4th Dan)
Assistant Chief Instructor.

IWKF Students:
Frances Finucane Butler
and Thomas Walshe demonstrate wheelchair karate during Red Letter Day in Cork.
Red Letter Day

As part of Cork's celebration of 2003, the European Year of People with Disabilities, the IWKF were invited by Cork City Partnership to give a karate demonstration to the crowds and media gathered at the Cork Opera House on June 15th 2003 - A Red Letter Day...

Shotokan Karate

Shotokan Karate is a Japanese style of Karate established in Japan by its Okinawan founder o Sensei Gichin Fuhakoshi in the early nineteen hundreds. 

This style of Karate focuses on character development as well as being a traditional form of combat. 

The study of Shotokan Karate not only promotes Health and Fitness but also Social Skills and overall personal confidence. >> READ MORE

Karate is a discipline which requires dedication, practice, and respect for fellow participants. As well as being a fighting art, it also has a philosophical basis. >> READ MORE We're Working On It! UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Please Note: Certain pages on this website are under construction at this time. We hope to have the entire IWKF website available in the next few days. Thank you for your patience during this process.



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